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Discover a Career as a Paralegal

10 Hours
1 Month

The demand for skilled paralegal is rapidly growing. If you are interested in a dynamic career in a high demand, rewarding profession, this course is for you. This course provides a look into becoming a paralegal and their day to day responsibilities. We will take a deep dive into the training and requirements for pursuing a successful career in this field. Lastly, this course will look at the evolution, current trends, and facts of working in the legal industry as a paralegal.

Upon completion of this course you will:
• Know about the paralegal role
• Have an understanding of the history of law and the legal system
• Know the evolution of the paralegal position
• Understand the training, certification, and requirements to work in this field

Discover a Career as a Paralegal Module 1
(Introduction, Lessons 1 and 2)
Paralegal Duties

Module one provides an overview of the judicial system and work possibilities for the paralegal. Paralegals can work in a variety of places such as large corporate level departments, federal, state and local governments, as well as legal aid offices and unions. Common law categories and job opportunities are also covered.

Duties of a Paralegal in a Law Firm and Public Sector
Skills Required by a Paralegal
Importance of the Legal Precedence in American Jurisprudence
Paralegal Specialties
Categories Used to Describe Types of Law
Discover a Career as a Paralegal Module 2
(Lessons 3 and 4)
Legal Authority

When researching and writing legal material, a paralegal must first gather and cite sources possessing mandatory, or binding, authority to the court litigating the case. Module two covers the importance of a paralegal’s role for the law team in fact-finding missions. Knowing the aim of the investigation and following through with factual sources of information is a key to a paralegal’s success in this realm of his or her job duties.

Explanation of Mandatory and Persuasive Authority
Understanding of Primary and Secondary Authority
The Court Doctrine of Stare Decisis
Preparing Legal Documents
Gathering Evidence as a Paralegal
Discover a Career as a Paralegal Module 3
(Lessons 5 and 6)
Legal Research

Module three covers preparation, professionalism, directing tone and driving the avenue of a conversation. A paralegal must ensure the information discussed in an interview provides quality information and facts.

This module discusses applicable law that involves the regulation, executive order, judicial decision or statute that determines the legal standing of an issue or a case.

Preparing for the Initial Interview
Searching for Applicable Law
Pre-Trial Duties for a Paralegal in a Civil Case
Differences Between Procedural and Substantive Law
Criminal Trial Procedures
Discover a Career as a Paralegal Module 4
(Lessons 7 and 8, Conclusion)
Effective Writing Style

For a paralegal, effective writing involves keeping it simple and to the point. This module discusses proper writing styles, proofreading and correcting errors. Module four covers implementing a good filing system, organizing those files and ways of retrieving them with speed. We will also discuss rules of ethics in providing sound legal advice to clients.

Effective Writing for a Paralegal
Mastering the Mechanics of Writing
Maintaining a Good Filing System
Most Important Rules of Ethics
Using a Calendar System for Time Management

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